The ROSE Programme was developed for clients to have a safe space to process their own experiences and have access to tools that may help them to manage their feelings going forward. I wanted to provide access to some elements of 1:1 therapy in a safe group setting.

The programme aims to help clients Reflect, Overcome, Strengthen & Empower themselves.

Subjects covered in each session are as follows:

1. Relationships-Healthy & unhealthy

  • Explore relationship, power & control wheel and circle of support

2. Anxiety & Depression

  • Explore and manage anxiety and depression. Window of tolerance.

3. Boundaries

  • Types of boundaries, personal boundaries, boundaries with others and setting boundaries.

4. Survival Brain

  • Survival brain, ACEs, PTSD and complex PTSD and how which of the Fight or flight coping skills we still use. Mindfulness.

5. Then & now – Active Timeline

  • Look at past and present. Active timeline and what we take forward. Building safety in the present.

6. Attachment Needs & Fears

  • Explore how our unmet attachment needs and fears lead our behaviours.

7. Anger

  • Explore how we manage angry feelings. To be aggressive or assertive? Using our different ego states.

8. Shame & Guilt

  • Explore healthy and toxic shame. Responsibility in relation to shame and guilt.

9. Review – Boundaries and Timeline

  • Revisit Boundaries and timelines and how they are managing feelings and triggers.

10. Endings

  • Explore endings Evaluate, feedback & reflect on their journey in the programme.

The sessions include group activity then an individual process ending with reflection.