Group Therapy

Group therapy has many benefits. Some clients find the support they recieve from each other on the group invaluable. Working together in a group can also help validate your own experiences and also assist in an individuals own growth helping them feel strengthened and empowered.

The Programme runs over 10 weeks and each session lasts 2 hours.

The sessions include group activity then an individual process ending with reflection.

Individual Sessions

The ROSE Programme can be run for individuals by self referral or as requested by organisations.

We will cover the same content and sessions will be run for 1.5 hours.

This will provide a more peronalised programme which will help bring into awareness any areas you would want to explore further in personal therapy.

Private individual therapy​

If you are interested in private one to one or couples counselling please click below which will take you to my Talking Minds private counselling website with further details. I can also facilitate the following programmes in a group or 1:1 setting.

  • The Freedom Programme (Domestic abuse awareness Programme)
  • Family Links (Parenting Programme)
  • Talking Teens (Parenting Programme)