“Useful and creative. Really made me think why I feel anxious and why I feel this way. Has helped my confidence and helped me understand how to deal with anxiety. Very engaging. Great course.”

"The session opened my eyes. It was so good. I learned so much about boundaries and how to be specific with them, how to set them and why I need them!

Sabrina’s ‘The science behind it’ session was very interesting and it made it easy for me to understand about the body’s flight or fight response and how this can affect me in the day-to-day.

I have more information about anxiety and depression, so I can easily find ways to help myself feel less overwhelmed and low.”

“I found it helpful to understand how a healthy relationship is meant to be and then you can assess the relationships you have and if they are healthy or not.

It was good to be able to understand why the things people do make us feel bad and how things in early childhood can affect relationships in the present and future. I feel better equipped to approach situations differently now.”

“Today's session helped a lot to learn about personal feelings and dealing with them and how they are carried forward. I feel the order in which things are taught is extremely helpful to make them more understandable. It helped to see the difference between shame and guilt and it's good to understand who is responsible and how to avoid making others feel bad and letting others make you feel bad.”

“The program has helped me become more mindful about my life and others in it, so that I can make sure I feel comfortable and safe. Group activities made it more interactive and made it easier to remember and learn things. The individual reflection sheets allowed me to understand it on a personal level and think about how it affects me and my life.”